‘City Detective Services’ is one of the most highly commended detective agency in India. Our team comprises of the smart intelligent and dedicated investigative officers. The problems for which you cannot approach anyone can be easily resolved by our investigative offers.

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We provide you assistance and services in employment fraud issues, trademark and copyright infringement, property disputes, extramarital affairs, secret love affair, premarital and post-marital investigation, employee investigation, corporate investigation, missing person investigation. Our team is experienced and quick-witted enough in solving even the toughest and mysterious cases.

Undercover Agents

Our undercover agents are the maestro of conjecturing secret identities and revealing the truth. Evidence are collected secretly by them. All the officers are fit out with latest gadgets and fit out with new technologies. The blend of modern gadgets, latest technologies, and sameness of our investigative officers ploy the faulty.

Our Motive

We do not aim to make money out of your pain, unlike other detective agencies. We deeply feel your pain and try our level best to settle your issues. We provide our client’s unsurpassed investigative solutions. Our motive is to make your life trouble-free.


‘City Detective Services’ have the strongest network all over India. Our network is spread all over India. Detective officers keep a penetrating eye on the person to be investigated. The team dwell itself in the case and pull out the best results for you.

100% Confidentiality

You may be doubtful or mousy about making a call to detective agency but call down as we are friendly, professional and wary experts in our field. We handle cases with extra sensitivity and care. We keep your details and identity secret.


We provide personal adviser or assistant to each and every client. We make sure that you get the highest quality services at the very affordable price.

‘City Detective Services’ is the only detective agency in India which is for the people and to the people. It is the most trusted private detective agency in the world and wishes to keep serving you in the best abilities.