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  • Detective agency in Amritsar City Detective Services is one of the most trusted and experienced detective agency in Amritsar.
  • Our Detectives in Amritsar are the finest and handpicked highly skilled and well-trained male and female candidates.
  • Here at Detective agency in Amritsar, we deal in every type of investigation whether it be a love affair or a criminal case.
  • Detective agency in Amritsar maintains the dignity and confidentiality of the clients.

Here at our detective agency in Amritsar, we deal flexibly with every investigational service –Legal, Professional, Commercial, Industrial, Personal matters, Criminal.

Detective agency in Amritsar


Amritsar lies in a north-western part of India on a main Grand trunk road (GT road) from Delhi to Amritsar connecting Lahore to Pakistan. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holy place which is being worshiped by people and surrounded by Amrit Sarovar Tank(lake). The other famous Amritsar tourist place is the Wagah border.

Need detective agency in Amritsar

Nowadays we are working hard to achieve our targets in life. But, at times we realize that we get entangled at an endpoint where we find ourselves helpless in dealing with the situation and we don’t get any way out for the problem. Here comes the role of Detective agency in Amritsar.

Now here one needs to focus on considering a few important agenda that you need to keep an eye on while choosing your Detective agencies in Amritsar which are as follows:

  • Authenticity

    You need to check that the organization you are going to give responsibility to is following proper rules and regulation stated by government authorities.


  • Credibility

    Do go through the cases they have dealt with. What is there reputation in the market? Once you check their performance then you can trust them blindly for your deal.


  • Experience

    It is one of the most important tools to deal and tackle any kind of situation. Try not hiring freshers for your case. You don’t have to carry out an experiment you have to trust them to have solution ones and for all without any confusion and faults.

What all services we provide!

City Detective Services caters their client with detective services under one roof :

  • Pre matrimonial Investigation – Marriage is a most crucial decision of life. But people now days use to make frauds just to gain money. It’s your right to know the exact details of the family of groom or bride as everyone wants this relationship to be the life’s most adorable bond, not demises for the life to suffer.
  • Post matrimonial Investigation – “Marriages are being made in heaven”. But our society has converted into a deal for money, dowry and just to spoil the life of the partner to whom one should owe complete respect and trust. You need to contact a detective agency to overcome this unrequired violence in society.
  • Divorce case – If you are not happy in your relationship then you have complete right to break the bond which leads to suffering you with the problems.
  • Loyalty test Investigation – If you have come across the evidence that your partner is breaking the loyalty of the relationship.
  • Background check – We do a background investigation of all kinds as follows:
  1. Financial background needs to be checked in the case had been cheated by your client or partner.
  2. For the Employer, it is must go through a new employee previous job or business profile
  3. Before marriage, you ought to go through a detailed check of their Social status and financial background.
  • Infringement of trademark – In case you need an inquiry to be done on your trademarked products and services.
  • Sting operation– In case operations needed to conduct confidentially whether it is for business or any other informative operation.


Why Choose us.

Detective agency in Amritsar works their best to provide best services and do justice with the case and clients needs. Above all, our highly professional and highly experienced team work together to help you solve all the problems. Trust us we would maintain the confidentiality during the whole investigation.



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