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Detective Agency in Greater Kailash

A private agency is a team of experts who investigate all the cases in a lawful manner. All the cases either personal or corporate are well handled by our Detective Agency in Greater Kailash. Our detectives are comprised of all the qualities that, are required to be effective in solving all personal and as well as corporate cases. Our investigators collect the pieces of evidence in an appreciated manner in which suspects don’t even realize that he has been interrogated formally by our private investigator.

Detective Agency in Greater Kailash, with the new era of generation, people who are most curious to know this world very quickly, is eagerly tending towards the one name DETECTIVE AGENCY. What is a private detective agency means? The world is growing day by day, many things are evolving right in the front of our young generation, and Introduction of new advanced, upgraded technology and digital mediums support. But with the enhancement of new technology, a negative package also comes along with it.

To get you a help in solving the non-favorable situation, the term that stands out is a Private Detective Agency in Greater Kailash Delhi. An agency that conducts the investigation according to laws. The foremost important thing is how a private agency works, there are many Private detective agencies running in India, doing illegal stuff openly in the market. Many time the concerned authorities have also seized them even made penalty to their clients.


Why City Detective services?

We are considered as the Best Detective Agency in Delhi. Since 2009 we are working hard to attain this position. At City Detective Services you will never find any investigation carrying out in the non-permissible ways.

There are many activities that our private investigation team can conduct

Personal Information Investigation– Many times it has been seen that an employee’s shared the wrong personal information with the employer. They were indulged in the wrong activities in the past. They believe after committing any crime changing state is the perfect solution. But it’s not true, the concerned authorities are very smart these days. We are very much capable of gaining the personal information of the suspect. His past employment details, his family members, friends and others personal stuff.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation– Time has changed nowadays, marriages are done over a small initiative starting with the process of finding one’s life partner over a website, and other digital mediums, to finalize the things first u need to be informative about the perspective individual right. This is the time u need to take the help of the detective team. That’s why our detective team in Greater Kailash is here. Our private detective team provides you with the right information about both bride/groom so that u can take a right decision.
We understand our role in pre or post matrimonial investigation is to provide the verified profile of both the bride and groom to each other. As to sustain a long married life, firstly u need to understand the individual so you need to be informative about their correct information, in that case, our private detective agency comes handy

The information could relate to the following aspects:

  • His/her Temperament
  • Relations with other men/women.
  • Job profile and his or her reputation at the workplace.
  • Marital status
  • His/her criminal record

Relations with other men/women: If a bride/groom was in a personal relationship with someone before marriage, both the parties need to be informed about this relationship status way before the marriage. To make an informed decision about marriage. Our team of the private detective can collect the right information and provide it to u in a confidential manner.

Financial Status: Most important aspect that comes in when u want to marry a person, u need to know his /her monetary status. Whether his/her financial status matches to other ones? One capability of living in the desired manner and leading the married life with the happiness this all can be done only by the money. Thus our private detective investigates his personal earnings, his living standard.

Employment / Business Details: His or her job profile and reputation of the individual in the workplace are a great matter of concern for both the parties. Our detective agency provides u the right information after investigating and verifying the professional details of both individuals.

Divorce Case Investigation: The married life get worse when we find our partner having an already marital status before the marriage. All this situation can be avoided if you get informed about this before marriage. We can provide you the correct information about your partner relationship status before the marriage.

Criminal activity: What if you find yourself married to a criminal partner at the later part. To avoid this unfortunate situation, come here before taking the most important decision of your life. We asses the criminal record of your partner with verified information and help you before taking a final decision.

Drug / Alcohol Abuse: Addiction to drugs, alcohol can be the destructive source of breaking a happily married relationship. Your partner indulging in these bad activities can’t live a sustainable life. Before proceeding further we should be informed.

Post Matrimonial: Trust is the ultimate foundation of any relationship. Married life is beautiful until someone brings the gap between both the partners. If u thinks our partner is cheating on you so here our team comes handy to you. We provide you with the evidence by gathering the suspected personal information, his or her daily routine, whom they contact. We can also give you the video graphic evidence to assure the current relationship status of your partner.

Child Custody Disputes: The Worst part of a broken marriage is child disputes cases, increasing day-by-day in today’s world. Our team does the investigation of child disputes cases. Provides you with the correct information regarding the care of your children. We monitor whether he or she is taking the right care of the child.

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