Detective Agency in Pune

detective agency in pune


Detective agency in Pune is a recognized and reputed detective service providers in Pune. Since 2009 Detective agency in Pune has been working in the country with our scattered branches throughout India. Accordingly, our candidates are highly professional and most experienced members. Besides this, detective agency in Pune deals in all kind of investigational matters like Matrimonial, internal frauds, missing person, theft by employees, Money matters etc.


  • Certainly a drastic need of a detective agency in Pune.
  • One of the most renowned and professional investigating company in Maharashtra.
  • City detective agency is being licensed and approved by renowned accreditation associations.
  • City detectives are specialized to investigate with accuracy by well trained and skilled candidates.
  • We accumulate almost all proper evidence and proof by using the latest technology and gadgets.
  • Furthermore, detective agency in Pune keenly focus is on to maintain 100% confidentiality of our clients.


Detective agency in Pune is licensed and approved via renowned accreditation associations. Eventually, we run a detective agency in Pune by following all rules and regulations stated by standard organizations. We are one stop solution for all your detective services need.

The most important thing a client need is a trustworthy investigator. We at a detective agency in Pune assures you to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your case. Moreover, we work in different teams accumulate the evidence and proof. Lastly, we summarise the case with all the gathered clues and in the end, conclude the result of the investigation with accuracy. Our team is not being provided with the client’s details. If it’s a need of the case that investigator should have client details, then it is given by taking in written from the investigator that he/she would not discuss the details or any kind of information to the outsider or a person not concerned with the case.

Detective agency in Pune assures you that we would serve and help you in satisfying the demands of your case via our effective investigation. Therefore, don’t hesitate to come to us or contact us. Detective agency in Pune is here for you for all your support in every manner. Generally, your case will be evaluated on behalf of proper evidence and proof grounds assuredly by our team. We won’t let your hope and demands down Guaranteed. Above all your trust and faith have been working us to gain more credibility and highest reputation in the market until now. So, let’s move forward to have a better and beautiful future with lots of happiness.


We cater our customers with all kind of cases such as:


Your initiative towards detective agency in Pune is very precious to us. Your efforts to reach us may help you find your happiness with better solutions. Our services would fulfil all your satisfaction from the case. Detective agency in Pune moves with a planned strategy. Therefore Here at, city detective services we try to know all your requirement of the case before even starting the investigation of the case. Our experts use the latest technologies and gadgets with proper assistance to gather all the proof and evidence to be successful in the case thoroughly. We would assure you with correct briefing and solution of your case with proper evidence.