‘Once husband and wife decide to separate, they reach to police & judiciary for divorce cases. Plethora of cases are filed by both the parties, cases u/s 125 CrPc ( for alimony ), Domestic violence Act and u/s 3406, 498A IPC are usually filled alongside the divorce cases. Both the party level allegations & counter allegations in these cases. Usually the allegations are not substantiated by corroborative evidences. We suggest to hire the best Divorce Case Investigation in Delhi, India i.e. City Detective Services.

Best Divorce Investigation Agency

Unfortunately, Many times an invalid lady claims to be unemployed to get alimony from an estranged husband. In response to which husband usually similarly show less income or unemployment to protect himself from the charges. In divorce cases, the cruelty, inhuman, brutal aspect and extra-marital affair also play an essential role wherein one need evidence to verify the truth but they can easily manipulate via both the parties according to their needs and concern.

City Detective Services is one of the dedicated expert’s panels and trustworthy outstanding private detective agency which has the experience in dealing such kind of Divorce Cases and Investigations in Pan India.

Every Divorce Case requires expertise for collecting pieces of evidence and supporting them in court confidently so that the case can win on the honest and accurate judgments in each court hearing. City Detective Services has a loyal and highly experienced team which works very passionately to compile the supporting pieces of evidence related to Income Proof, Adultery, and Audio / Video graphics. These pieces of evidence are the backbone of our client’s cases to win it against anybody.

City Detective Services is one of the most reliable and affordable detective agency in Delhi having Pan India Presence.

City Detective Services is one of the famous detective agency in India who always solves and delivered within the committed time frame. We use most advanced technology and devices through which the evidence can be collected and provided to our clients. A Divorce case procedure always is in sequence and the stepwise so that the cases can be solved and the process is very confidential and even though we are making all the evidence are very confidential between the clients and our agency team not more than this.
We request you to kindly take an appointment for complete discussion and consultancy so that we can suggest you better about the process and other things.

We request you to kindly take an appointment for complete discussion and consultancy, so that we can suggest you better about the process and other things. To do the same kindly see our contact details page.

Please Note: We claim ratio of 8/10 as success rate. In some cases we do not get success Due to non-availability of evidence or any other circumstances, We also suggest everyone check credibility and worth of a private detective before proceeding for private investigation because there are lots of detective agencies without experience enough.