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Divorce experts- a key of second innings

Majorly the divorce proceeding categoriZed in two ways

1. Divorce by Mutual Consent
It means the husband & wife both are agreed to be separated. It is the simplest process to dissolve any marriage legally. The husband and wife need to achieve a satisfactory viewpoint on two aspects. One is the alimony, Second is child custody. In an alimony case, it could be any figure or no figure. Child custody concerns, it can be shared or joint or exclusive depending upon the understanding of the spouses. Duration of a divorce case in mutual consent varies from one month to six months.

2. Contested Divorce
In this type, the court judgment relies mainly on grounds such as cruelty (Physical & Mental), Desertion (Period varies from 2 to 3 years), Unsoundness of mind (incurable form), Impotency, etc. Furthermore, the aggrieved party has to file the case in the court of appropriate jurisdiction basis on above grounds. Finally, on successfully proving the case with the support of the right evidence and documents, divorce will be granted.

Role of Detective Agency in Divorce Case Investigation!

Need of Detective Agency for Divorce Claims! (Salary/income proof)
When your life partner disguises his actual earning from you so that you cannot claim more alimony in child custody cases. Then Detective Agency in Delhi is here to help you, by providing the income proof to you even they can assist you in competing and winning the much-needed asset of their legal case. Divorce experts are equipped with modern telephone spy gadgets, videography, surveillance camera etc. which helps to track day to day activities and gather the required information of suspected individual income. In many cases, our team has even found the hidden and undisclosed income sources.

At City Detective Services, team conduct a hidden asset investigation means searches on Property, vehicles, fixed deposits, cash, gold, etc. Our Divorce Specialists conduct a divorce investigation with evidence by analysing the following information:

  • Bank assets, financial transactions, withdrawing amounts and cancelled cheque.
  • Monitoring of suspected personal and corporate meet-ups.
  • Enumeration of his banking statements eventually verified by the bank itself.
  • Conducts an investigation of the suspected personal share of business assets.
  • Observing his financial expenditure for the year.


Net-Worth Method

This method includes the searches on entire assets earned by the suspect excluding his total liabilities. By calculating further we get the exact figure of assets and income held by the suspects.

need of Detective Agency for Extramarital Affairs

Divorce experts offers special investigation services for obtaining conclusive divorce evidence of extra-marital affairs for our clients. Our team conducts the surveillance investigation on your life partner by observing his or her behaviour and activities. We provide with videography evidence wherever possible under the core of the legal implications involved. Our team consists of male and female investigators so that any of the spouses can get identify lover, date, partner, ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress or other person cheating in their relationship or marriage. If you are living with doubt, you can avail our services for the loyalty check the sudden unnatural activities of the suspected individual. Our team has a vast experience of conducting extramarital investigations, matrimonial infidelity investigation, marital affairs verifications, etc. We conduct the investigation on the basis of confidential and mandatory lawful enforcement.

Detective Services for Alimony in divorce cases

Moreover, alimony has a major role in divorce cases. Depending on the husband’s wealth a certain amount is given to the spouse. We the divorce experts are ready to help you out in this alimony cases. If the other party is demanding heavy alimony inspire of being well employed then we can help you to prove this fact in documentary terms. The City Detective Agency formulates a simple process of assessment of your spouse character and behavior both from professional (at the place of work) and personal angles. We also determine the actual/current status of your spouse by finding out the real employment / economic condition/situation of your spouse. Therefore, it helps you to know whether the alimony case/claim is genuine or not.
To achieve the higher success rate, we have the best divorce lawyers associated in our team.

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