‘Marriage is a purest and mesmerizing bond where people use to share their life’s secrets, sorrows, happiness and life’s biggest hardships with each other. People find a way to harm each other in this relation as well. Now you need to hire the Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi. Marriages are not only made for two people who is going to have one soul and consent and oneness in everything but it is a point where two families unite together and have faith on each other to support in good or bad time. When two persons get into a relationship named as marriage they become the shadow of each wherein they promise each other to never break the trust and loyalty in their relationship and to be there for each other at every point of time in life. Unfortunately, marriages have become a gamble nowadays.

Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi

A very famous quote says that “marriages are made in heaven”. We all know it is a most beautiful, purest and wisest bond of love and togetherness in which two people completely devote their life with each other. Marriages are an integral part of our Indian society and cultures. But now it has become the most dangerous attempts as our ancestors used to fix marriages only between known families. Instead, Nowadays marriages are being tried through unfamiliar sources such as websites and newspaper advertisements and there remains a risk of deadly gambles which will shatter your life completely and you will be in demise.

But you need not to panic. We at City Detective Services provides you with the best detective services in Pan India. We here serve you with the following pre and post-marital investigations:

Character Enquiry

It is the dream of every person that they need their partner or would be a partner to be trustable and loyal to them. We do character inquiry to fulfill your dream at its best as per your need so that you are saved from any worst relationship in your life. Our detective officers understand your feelings and try to serve their best to make your relations away from every kind of problems.

Financial Status

Love is the circulatory system of our life and marriage is that system’s heart. Everyone wants to be loved and pampered deeply and truly by their life partners but sometimes you are caught in a trap where there are the only need and hunger of money. There are people who lie about their financial status reason being they have an eye on your money and property. Our detective officers are capable of keeping a track on bank and credit accounts even there harmful intentions towards you and your family.

Social Reputation

We have huge experience in keeping a check on reputation of the family for you so that you can overcome your survival with wrong family.

Educational History

In today’s running world originating fake marksheets or degrees is not a tough task. Our smart team of ‘City Detective Services’ can check and keep keen eye on the educational history of your would be a partner.

Extramarital affair

Disloyal persons who gets influenced with lust easily gets indulged in extramarital affairs and ruin the life of their partners. Our team is equipped with specialized investigation skills and surveillance technology gather strong shreds of evidence for you.

Criminal Activities

Do you sometimes feel your partner or would be partners or to be a part of any criminal activities? Have you ever seen him or her doing some suspicious activities or hiding their phone or contacts from you. Do not worry. Approach ‘City Detective Services’ the best private detective agency in India. We take your partner or would be partner into surveillance or shadowing and be checking their daily outdoor activities for the day.

We are the most trusted private detective agency in the India and wishes to keep serving you in the best abilities.