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Private Detective Agency in Delhi

What is Detective Agency?

An Agency that solves inquiries for its Clients. A Detective Agency in Delhi is the team of private investigators who are hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services to solve civil and criminal cases. The private detective agency in Delhi finds facts and analyzes information about legal, financial & personal matters. They offer many suffice, including verifying people’s background check, finding, missing persons & investigating computer crimes. They often collect physical evidence or search records in databases to solve the crime. The Detective Agency is organized into several departments, Specializes in a particular type of crime which includes homicide, robbery, auto theft, missing persons, etc.

We categorized investigations into 3 type
  1. Private Detective – The most common type of detective Known as private detective works generally for personal, legal or financial cases.

2. Forensic investigator – Forensic investigator collects and analyzes physical evidence at a crime scene. They apply a scientific approach to solve cases.

3. Homicide Detective– They review cases files to look for clues or leads. They can solve gone cold cases also.

How does a Detective Agency in delhi Works?

They usually work for private clients or businesses individuals. Firstly, their job is to collect information, not to arrest or prosecute Criminals. In addition to this, the Private Detective conduct numbers of investigation &surveillance techniques to gather accurate details of the case . Finally, the investigation is done with the help of police, high skilled investigators depending on the situation & type of case. They gather useful information from witnesses by taking pictures, searches databases clues. Questions neighborhoods. They usually uncover evidence and facts analyze information & provide the best results to their clients.

The process of investigation include—
  1. First of all, researching Databases.

2. Then, Performing surveillance Activates

3. Afterward, performing undercover operations.

4. Accordingly, interviewing peoples.

5. Finally, reporting the results of investigations.

The private Detective Agencies in delhi hired skilled and experienced private detective who works in different fields.
  1. Computer Forensics Services.

2. Personal protection services.

3. Crisis intervention services.

4. Criminal investigation services.

5. Personal Investigations.

Do I need a Private detective Agency in delhi?

Obviously, the answer is yes, the different group of people’s needs the help of a detective agency for the following purposes-

For Individual purposes
  1. Background Checks – private investigators are hired by citizens to perform background checks on suspected individuals. Because they conduct interviews, verify reference checks & searches public records to compile a detailed pretrial of the suspected individual.

2. Surveillance– This service is requested when a spouse suspects infidelity.

3. Missing persons– Private Detective can use public records to locate a missing person.

For Business Purposes-
  1. Pre-employment-Screening– The companies usually hire a private detective to check their employee’s criminal history verifying their financial history and references.

2. Background checks for business partners – the private detectives investigate the partners financial, legal problems and oldest the business owner.

3. Investment Checks– By Determining whether a company is legitimate by checking their public records for licensing, bank reptiles, state tax liens, etc.

4. Security & safety– Private Detectives recommend security techniques & services to help business prevents theft & provide safety for their employees.


Why us!

The City Detective Agency is a renowned & trusted Agency that offered secured investigation services with assurance of confidentiality with years of experience. Eventually, we approach the investigation process in this following way-

  1. Above all, we use the latest security equipment/technology for conducting an investigation.

2. Generally, the City Detective Agency has a panel of skilled professional detectives thus offering the highly secured investigation services to our valuable clients.

3. Despite all, our Detective is proficient in handling all types of investigation & cases such as personal & corporate.

4. Even then, we are known to deliver the right result related to any case we follow.

5. Certainly, the City Detective Agency is a pan India company. Also, we have branches/offices across India to operate our services through physical location hardly matters to us.

6. Furthermore, the Client can contact us via phone/email or live chat.

7. Most noteworthy, there is a wide variety of options so can make payments like NEFT, cash, Cheque and online payment.


So if you have a challenge for us. Please connect we love to take the challenges.
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