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Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India

As the name suggests, this is an organization formulate by the group of Detectives. In other words, we can also say that this is the group of private investigators dedicated to capture pieces of evidence and investigate in a lawful manner.


When to take help from a detective agency?

In case of suspicion, or any form of fraud people like to stay away from the intervention of legal stuff. However, the lack of alternative might lead to legal actions that are often pending in some piled up complain files or might take a relatively prolonged time.


How a Detective Agency Works?

Every private detective agency in Delhi, NCR carries various types of investigations like:

  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation-It is the investigation about the respective groom or bride which cover character inquiry, they’re social as well as financial reputations, the reputations of the family also, their likes & dislikes, qualification history, past, any affairs and marriages etc.
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation– The husband and wife if sharing their daily office activities with each other they may start doubting, accusing and making wrong allegations about each other character. Hence, in these situations, you need the help of detective agencies to do post matrimonial investigation. The detectives use various methods including discreet surveillance to obtain the valuable evidence. They conduct an investigation for an extra-marital affair, suspected activities, day-to-day activity tracking.
  • Divorce Case Investigation– Once either of the individual suspects’ something un-behavioural against each other or when they simply cannot live together because of intense indifference they file for divorce. The detective team develops a profile for a suspected individual by conducting activity checks, background investigations, and asset searches. Collection of evidence in the form of photographs, video coverage, audio tapes and other documents are usually done. Because as we all know the court demands strong evidence.
  • Infidelity/cheating spouse– Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating, Being Unfaithful, Having an Affair all are the same things. The Detective agencies goal is to find the truth about your suspicions of infidelity. The detectives conduct an investigation of suspected activities, day-to-day activity tracking.
  • Surveillance– It is the main strength of Investigation, whether it is the personal case or the corporate case without surveillance the case study is incomplete. The expert investigators follow the person to track all his/her daily activities, what the person is doing in the entire day, where he/she is going, Whom they are meeting, etc. They also take photographs and videos by the use of Hi-Speed digital cameras.
  • Spy gadgets– Spy gadgets are used to conduct counter-surveillance to gather information such as video, photographs or data of the suspects without his notice. Spy gadgets and electronics such as audio recorders, electronic bug detectors, digital cameras, GPS tracking devices, listening devices, night vision goggles, other self-products.
  • Corporate intelligence-Every business needs to investigate about the background of those companies whom they are doing business with. You need to know the background details of the opposite organizations with which you are doing business with, Safety of your patents, trademark, and copy-right design related infringements.
  • Lawyer services- Pieces of evidence are only great if presented well. We can help you with expert lawyers in pan India. We provide lawyers services to several organizations for background and financial information on witnesses, corporations, businesses and individuals to help in Obtaining statements and proofs of evidence.
  • Litigation support-The witness and proof are not revealing easily. A lot of investigation is required for it, then you come to know about the facts and the legal process is initiated. This is almost next to impossible to prove the negative findings in the loyalty check of the witness within the limitations of the law. Here you need the best detective agency who can conduct this with expertise.
  • Property distribution– In these cases, the investigation is needed to provide the right evidence regarding the actual owners, location, registration and the real value of the property.


Why City Detective Services?

City Detective Services are not limited to any particular type of cases as they do handle corporate cases, personal cases, matrimonial investigations, background verification, financial investigation, as well as due diligence.

On contrary, reaching out to private detective agencies is a preferable alternative. For people in dilemma to approach the Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi is out there providing guidelines to best detective agencies available in the province. The fact cannot be denied that detective services are in high demands due to the type of services one can expect from private detective agencies.

To all those who have been imagining “private investigators” as a man with a hat, a long coat with gumboots sneaking behind your courtyard, I must say that it is a wrong notion. Presently, Private Detective in Delhi, India setups are more than the conventional, as they are the holder of the adequate qualification for the post with years of experiences and highly professional in looking into a variety of cases.

Female Investigators in Delhi are even showing their interest in the profession as to improve the involvement of women in this filed. Therefore, with dozens of testimonies, it can be concluded that detective agency is competent and in demand for their services.

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